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The following are my columns I have written going back to 2001.
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click here to open this file "Sportsmanship and Alarm Clocks"    08.06.01
A look at the troubles Ian Woosnam encountered on the final day of the 130th British Open and over the following two weeks and how these events reinforce the spirit of the game of golf.


click here to open this file "The Other Spy Plane Incident"    08.08.01
Desperate times call for desperate measures when one of the country's most sacred courses keeps the wraps on a comprehensive renovation project.


click here to open this file "8,000 Yards with a Bullet"    08.31.01
The magic number used to be 7,000 it's around 7,200 yards.  What is the limit on length and what
unknown impact does excessive golf course length have on the average player?


click here to open this file "A Day with Pete Dye"   08.13.01
I had the pleasure of spending a day with Pete Dye not too long ago and, despite the weather, had a great time
listening to and learning from a living legend.


click here to open this file "Protecting Golf Courses Against Technology on the PGA Tour"    08.20.01
In light of the whipping the Atlanta Athletic Club's 7,200+ yard course took at the 83rd PGA Championship recently and renewed calls for restrictions on technology, I say one simple solution is being over-looked.


click here to open this file "When it Comes to Advertising Revenues, He's G-R-R-R-R-EAT!"    08.21.01
It's no stretch of the imagination to say that Tiger Woods has had an impact on advertising dollars spent on golf in recent years, but you may be surprised at how strong the connection really is.


click here to open this file "Callaway & Titleist: Playing Fair or Just Playing Favorites?"    12.17.01
Do recent advertising campaigns by two of golf's biggest industry icons say anything about the changing marketplace and its impact on marketing techniques?


click here to open this file "The Young Guns of the 2002 Tour"  01.21.02
There's much debate about turning professional at too young an age; but for these guys, it's all about rediscovering the feeling of youth and giving the Tour a needed shot in the arm as well.


click here to open this file "The Wannamaker, the Claret where did I put that green jacket?"  02.13.02
In light of John Daly's solid play lately, people are asking "What's next for Big John?"  I say "How about a green jacket and some Masters hardware for the trophy case?"


click here to open this file "Testosterone & Technology: Why Golf Courses are Under Fire"    03.17.02
Ever wonder where recent trends in golf equipment got started?  The answer may be as close to you as the cozy confines of your sports utility vehicle.....


click here to open this file "An Hour Before Sundown"  04.24.02
My favorite course is not so much of matter of "where," but "when".....


click here to open this file "The Core of the Course"  05.25.02
What does the future hold?   Probably not too many courses with no ties to real estate development.....


click here to open this file "The Venerable Mr. Venturi"  06.17.02
An era has come to an end--hopefully the younger generation will remember Ken Venturi as more than just the "guy in the tower behind the 18th green" on CBS's coverage of the PGA Tour.


click here to open this file

"The Man Behind 'Da Man' "  07.21.02
How important are caddies to their players?  Very important.  But some may see Tiger Woods' caddie, Steve Williams, as a crucial piece of his success on Tour.


click here to open this file

"A New Grip on Life's Lessons"  08.16.02
Perhaps more important than how aggravating a nervous twitch can be to other players and spectators is how one of the game's top players overcame his problem--and who was there to support him.


click here to open this file

"Assessing the Unassessable"  10.22.02
Life sometimes has a strange way of issuing you a "wake up call".  Take it from me, pay attention to the things important in life before your "wake up call" comes in--you may not be as lucky as I was.


click here to open this file

"Anyone Know the Heimlich?"  11.18.02
Everyone who plays golf knows that one thing is inevitable--you'll eventually choke when the pressure is on.  But this is a problem for the world's best players too.  Take an in-depth look at this psychological phenomenon.


click here to open this file

"Are Dogwoods and Azaleas from Mars?"  12.20.02
Hootie vs. Martha has been brewing at Augusta national for months now, so has anyone considered the REAL reason this issue will still be around when the 2003 Masters kicks off?


click here to open this file

"It's a Man's World...Sort of."  01.23.03
Some say the "glass ceiling" still puts women at a disadvantage in the business world.  Others say that women can't get the same treatment at the golf course as men.  One woman proved them her own unique way!


click here to open this file

"Annika Stabsuzyinthebackenstam"  02.17.03
Annika Sorenstam accepts an invitation to play in the PGA Tour's Colonial.  What should she do next?  Step aside and not play...


click here to open this file

"Call Me When He Wins Eleven"  03.19.03
They say records are made to be broken, but there's one even Tiger may not be able to touch...


click here to open this file

"Diagnosis: Furyk Fever"  04.20.03
Who's the best player to not have won a major?  Maybe not who you think...


click here to open this file

"Rules of Engagement"  05.18.03
Since they're the best golfers in the world, Tour players should know the rules better than anyone, right?  Wrong!


click here to open this file

"An Open Letter to David Duval"  06.18.03
Not too long ago, he was on top of the golfing world--ranked No. 1 on the face of the Earth!  So what happened to David Duval and when will he be back?


click here to open this file

"Rules of Engagement -- Part 2"  07.19.03
As unfortunate as Mark Roes situation was after the third round of the British Open, does it really constitute the outcry for such a fundamental a change to the Rules of Golf?


click here to open this file

"Are You Hot?"  08.25.03
Are you hot?  How about your driver?  You may not even know if your clubs conform to the USGA's Rules.  And you may not care anyway--but does the USGA really care?


click here to open this file

"The Young and the Restless"  09.21.03
The trend toward younger superstars has a growing foothold in professional golf.  But how young is too young and who is watching out for these young stars?  It might not be who you would think...


click here to open this file

"Split Decision" 10.21.03
Does a LPGA Tour star get special treatment because she's dating the Commissioner?  Not unless it helps her win a tournament.  Then again, the jury is still out on this one.


click here to open this file

"We're Number One!" 11.19.03
Is it the money?  Or is it the wins?  What about the quality of wins?  The quality of the player?   There's got to be a better way to decide Player of the Year on the PGA Tour!


click here to open this file

"Long Distance Love Affair"  12.16.03
If the USGA doesn't do something about hot equipment, the game may be in danger.  Don't believe me?  Have you seen the Tour stats for 2003?  It's there in black and white.


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"The Defense Rests, Your Honor"  01.23.04
When did keeping the media hounds and fans happy become more important than taking care of your family and spending time with your kids?  The Tour life is tough enough for Mickelson & Duval without the nay sayers.


click here to open this file

"Gentlemen, Start Your...Shirts?"  02.26.04
We all accept that professional athletes can make a lot of money with sponsorships and endorsements.  But how much is too much?


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"It's Miller Time...or not."  03.25.04
Most people either love him or hate him.  That's probably why NBC keeps Johnny Miller in the booth behind the 18th green.  But don't be too quick to judge either side.


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"The Best of the Best?"  04.23.04
Some think this year's Masters may be one of the best, second only to the Nicklaus title in 1996.  But for my money, I could watch the Sunday round of the 2004 Masters day after day as a little "pick me up."


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"The Ties that Bind."  05.26.04
Many things have changed in the game of golf since Bobby Jones dominated the sport in the early 20th century.  But some things are better left unchanged...hopefully.


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"New York State of Mind."  06.22.04
I love New York as much as the next guy--just not as much as the USGA apparently does.  For that matter, they seem to not only strongly favor the Northeast, but the Eastern U.S. in general...or do they?


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"And the Winner Is..."  07.23.04
Everyone thinks they know who the favorite is to win the year's final Major, but I'll give you the REAL inside scoop on how the professional broadcasters do their determinations.


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"Jinxes, Curses and the Golf gods."  08.25.04
Hard work and skill will get you a long way.  A little luck can help you win.  But there are times when it seems as though a power you cannot control is what controls your destiny....especially in golf.


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"Acute Ryderdespondency."  09.21.04
Is it just me, or did the American team just get taken to the woodshed by the Euros again?  We have the best players, but the concept of the Ryder Cup goes well beyond that--and now it's time for some changes.


click here to open this file

"Marathon Man."  10.25.04
What can we learn about old-fashioned American values from a native Fijian?  Hard work and determination still pay off in these days of instant gratification.  Just ask Vijay.


click here to open this file

"All I Want for Christmas...the 2004 Edition."  11.15.04
My annual list of what I would give the game of golf if I could.  Or at least what I think it needs this Holiday Season to makes things better in 2005.


click here to open this file

"A Story Worth Telling."  12.26.04
There are many great stories with better stories behind them.  In the case of Copper Mill Golf Club--selected by Golf Digest as the "Best New Affordable Public Course in America"--the story only scratches the surface.


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"An Open Letter to David Duval--Part 2."  01.26.05
He was once one of the best players in the game.  So why can't the silent man from Georgia Tech seem to be able to regain his former self?  And why is everyone doubting that he can?


click here to open this file

"Drawing the Line."  02.25.05
Now that the Ladies' European Tours have decided to do away with their "female at birth" clauses, what's the next move for the LPGA?  And where should the line be drawn?


click here to open this file

"Just Gimme a Few Seconds...Please."  03.21.05
The recent increase in "slips of the tongue" on live television could be eliminated with one simple policy.  So why won't the networks do it and protect the image of the professional tours? 


click here to open this file

"USGA Puts Its Foot Down...Almost. "  04.25.05
The USGA came awfully close to putting its foot down regarding the out of control growth of technology and especially the ball itself...but they fell short yet again."


click here to open this file

"Whose Rules Are These Anyway."  05.25.05
Some say there can't be a golf ball for amateurs and another for the pros because it would create two sets of rules...but, honestly, whose rules are these anyway? 


click here to open this file

"Pulling for the Underdog."  06.26.05
We all found ourselves pulling for Jason Gore at the US Open at Pinehurst, but what is it about sports that has us pulling for the underdog every time?"


click here to open this file

"The Elephant in the Room."  07.21.05
Things may be changing in the golf equipment industry quicker than we realize...or quicker than some may want to admit.


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"Precious Metals."  08.22.05
Gold may be a sound investment; but looking at the PGA Tour, you would think that the metal on some of the players' shoes is even more valuable--despite a petition attempt by other players.


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"A Loss for Words."  09.22.05
Hurricane Katrina dealt a devastating blow to the Gulf Coast and her impact on the economy of Coastal communities and their tourism industries could take years to overcome.  But for some, it is more personal than that.


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"Rebuilding, Reinvesting."  10.20.05
Part 2 in a two part series on the effects of the 2005 hurricane season on the Gulf Coast region and how it may impact not only golf, but also life in the region.


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"All I Want for Christmas -- 2005 Edition."  11.14.05
It's time once again for the annual list of things I want (and need) for the golf industry and other things golf-related...and a few other things as well.  


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"Cat Scratch Fever."  12.21.05
Some think that a handful of talented young player will save the LPGA Tour and help it to reinvent itself.  But I think what they really need is a good ol' fashioned cat fight to make things interesting.


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"No GO Zone."  01.24.06
Hurricane Katrina left the Gulf Coast looking for help to re-build and some of that help has come in the form of low interest Gulf Opportunity Zone (or GO Zone) loans...unless you happen to be a golf course owner.


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"A Gentlemen's Game."  02.23.06
Women seem to be making huge in roads in the golf industry from inside the ropes to inside the board room, but is golf really still a gentlemen's game? 


click here to open this file

"Hallowed Ground."  03.04.06
Augusta National is almost Holy ground to some, but what is the real reason that this club forced to keep changing the course each year to defend itself against the world's best players? 


click here to open this file

"Phraseiology 101."  04.22.06
There's only so much a person can take before they can't take anymore....for me that time has come!


click here to open this file

"He Said, She Said."  05.24.06
Spin among politicians is nothing new, but the rate at which propaganda machines seem to be turning out spin for every new high dollar golf course on the market is amusing in the claims that are staked.


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"Snowbirds--Endangered Species?"  06.28.06
As the Gulf Coast works to rebuild after Katrina and Rita, some in the golf industry (and those who depend on tourism for income) have concerns about when and if the Snowbirds will return.


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"The Doctor is In!"  07.24.06
After dissecting the British Open with surgical precision, Dr. Woods heads back to States where Ms. Medinah sits in the waiting room at the Tiger Clinic. 


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"The (Ryder) Cup Runneth Over."  08.28.06
There may be some surprises at this year's Ryder Cup--and the Captain's picks and those who played their way onto the team in the eleventh hour may just be the tip of the ice berg. 


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"Golf at the 'K.O.' Club."  09.24.06
Be sure to read the previous column ("The Ryder Cup Runneth Over") before you read this one--it will make much more sense that way....unfortunately.


click here to open this file

"Mr. 125."  10.25.06
Here we go again!  Who will and won't make the top 125 and keep their Tour cards on the PGA Tour for next year?  For me, this beats any reality show on TV! 


click here to open this file

"All I Want for Christmas--2006."  11.25.06
It's the most exciting read in 2006 edition of my Christmas wish list for the world of golf.  See who gets the good stuff and who gets the lump of coal and sticks.  


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"Spare Me the Disparity."  12.13.06
It's no secret that there's far more money to be made on the PGA Tour than on the Nationwide Tour and Tiger Woods seems to keep the lion's share, but how long can his domination last?


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No File Available  January 2007
Sorry, but I was on a family vacation with "She Who Must Be Obeyed" and the children when this deadline rolled around, so I did not go back and write anything to fill the void....


click here to open this file

"The Bold New World of Corporate Sponsors."  02.19.07
In a bold move, the USGA is going to sign deals with corporate sponsors for the first time in the history of the organization.  Though indicative of the times, what happens when the line becomes blurred?


click here to open this file

"Survey Says!"  03.27.07
I've always made it a rule not to try and predict the future in my writings--at least when it comes to who will win which Majors in a given year.  Of course, rules are made to be broken...


click here to open this file

"Square Pegs and Round Holes."  04.25.07
Seems everyone these days is coming out with square drivers, triangular drivers, and other odd shapes.  Is this the wave of the future of just an experiment in geometry?


click here to open this file

"When Four is More Than Five."  05.19.07
Why is there so much commotion about creating a fifth major on the PGA Tour.  This topic comes up every couple of years, but there are good reasons to leave it alone--including the fact that the Champions Tour has five!


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"Observations from Oakmont."  06.28.07
Sure there's the obvious that Angel Cabrerra is the first Argentine to win since a lot of you were born and Tiger came oh so close to winning again, but take a look at the more subtle (and interesting) notes from my journal. 


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"Curse of the Golf Gods."  07.22.07
Don't blame Sergio Garcia for folding like a cheap law chair in the final round of the Open Championship (British Open).  It was his putter's fault and I have proof to back it up! 


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"Resurrecting Donald Ross."  08.28.07
NOTE:  Imagine my surprise to find that Golf Digest's Ron Whitten wrote pretty much the same story at the same time for Golf Digest this month and neither knew about the other's column!  Great minds think alike! 


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"The Business of Golf."  09.20.07
It's good to give credit where it is due and I don't think enough people who play golf know about the good work coming from the PGM program at Mississippi State.  Of course, it could just be because I'm a graduate too! 


click here to open this file

"The Reality Race to the Finish."  10.28.07
Each year at this time, there are guys trying to keep their Tour cards.  For my money, it's the best reality show on television because when you get kicked off that island, you have to find a real job.  


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"All I Want for Christmas--2007."  11.26.07
It's time for my list of what the world of golf needs for Christmas and into the next year.  Will I be able to foresee the future like last year's list?  No one knows--at least not until next year is over!


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"Much Ado About Something."  12.20.07
Everyone has an opinion and I try to listen to all of them.  So what's the big deal with bunkers you may ask--or you may not.  Here's a quick lesson on those dastardly contraptions, whether you want it or not!


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"Fan Mail, Hate Mail."  01.25.08
You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time.  Words to live by...and then there are those can never be please any of the time.


click here to open this file

"Tin Cup."  02.25.08
Hard to believe we've come to drug testing on the PGA Tour, but like everything else in society, just because it's a gentlemen's game doesn't mean those whose paycheck depends on it won't look for an advantage. 


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"Seeing Green."  03.23.08
It's Masters time again and in addition to golfers across the country, Augusta National has many other courses green with more than envy.... 


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"Ladies and Gentlemen."  04.21.08
There's no doubt who the number one player in men's golf is right now or who the number one player in women's golf is either.....but can an argument be made that the latter is better than the former right now? 


click here to open this file

"Cease and Desist."  05.19.08
You can practically set your calendar by the time of year the talking heads in the golf business come around saying that the Tour Championship should be the "fifth major."  Now the PGA Tour has gone so far as to move it to May.  Coincidence?


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"Painful Gas and Bloating"  06.18.08
Think you're feeling the pain at the pump?  Chances are, so is your favorite golf course--especially if it's public.


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"*"  (The Asterisk)  07.16.08
With Tiger out for who knows how long, would you really be surprised for some talking head in the media to come out and say the whoever eins the British Open will have an asterisk next to his name because he "didn't have to beat Tiger?"


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"Ryder Cup: Red, White, and Bluegrass"  08.14.08
The Ryder Cup is heading to Louisville (where I was born) and a course that has been known as the turning point of the softening of Jack Nicklaus's design career.  But how much toughening will the course need for the USA vs. the Euros?


click here to open this file

"Why We Play the Game."  09.17.08
This is the time of year when the endless polls for an election cycle can drive you nutty.  But the National Golf Foundation has just completed a poll of core golfers that you might actually be interested in hearing about. 


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"What's Par Got to Do With It?"  10.21.08
I've finally put to rest one of life's great mysteries--and saved untold millions of trees in the process.  Now that they've let me out of this straightjacket, I can write about it. 


click here to open this file

"All I Want for Christmas...2008."  11.14.08
Hard to believe it's Christmas time again and even harder to believe this is the fifth year in a row I've been writing this Christmas list for golf as a way to meet a Holiday deadline.  If you have the time to read 'em, I'll make the time to write 'em!  


Taking Some Time Off from Lipouts....
After nearly 8 years of writing Lipouts each month, I'm taking a little time off from writing the column to concentrate on writing three mystery novels that have been floating around in my head for years.  One about a former Tour pro who finds himself up to his neck in murder, espionage, and treachery at the highest levels of government--all because he was just trying to help a friend, another about a World War II hero in New York City, and a third about a string of strange murder cases in New Orleans.  More information about these can be found at,, and, respectively. 

Other info is also available at www.nathancrace.comI'll be back soon...  

More to come soon!

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