Lipouts...a different look at the world of golf!what is "Lipouts"?

So one day I thought "What if there were a way for golfers to hear about things they wanted to hear about when they wanted to hear about it...instead of just waiting for someone to write about something the writer was interested in?"  From that idea sprang to life "Lipouts," an interactive column where (for the most part) I answered to you!  I've always tried to give it a little bit of a twist, look at things from a different point of view, make you think, and (hopefully) keep it humorous...

The original idea behind "Lipouts" was to provide a way for you--the reader--to provide topics you think are interesting, pose questions related to golf, etc.  I just gave you my honest opinion on the matter and try to keep it conversational and enjoyable to read.  My goal has always been to write to you in the same style I would use if we were sitting down face to face and talking about the same topics.  No hidden agendas or boring rhetoric--just plain English!  One thing you can count on is that I will always give you my honest opinion--whether or not it is the same as the popular opinion of the day. 

Over the years, however, like everything else--the column changed.  Deadlines seemed to come at me faster and faster from multiple editors and publishers and even some online sources.  Luckily, I was very busy with my real job too and it was getting difficult to keep up.  So I decided to take a break from the regular column and work on a fictional book I had dancing around in my head for a few years (it's not done yet--it's still dancing) and then found Twitter!  Now I can "tweet" ideas and thoughts instantly and from time to time post more rambling thoughts on my blog at on my own schedule. 

If you've been reading the column, thank you.  If not--well, then you probably wouldn't be here reading this would you?  A collection of stories from the first two years of "Lipouts" is now available in paperback and as an eBook (find links at, so feel free to send me an email and follow me on Twitter @lipouts for updates.  I'll always give you my two cents worth--sorry, no change will be provided!

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